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First Birthday Party! / February 17, 2012

Last weekend was so much fun – it was my nephew’s First Birthday party! Here are a few snapshots I took during the party – starting with the food, of course. The cake my mom and I made was a hit and was quite good if I do say so myself — despite my concerns, it did not taste like blue food colouring! Rainbow cakes are quite popular these days and I can’t seem to resist them — how can something that bright and fun not make you happy? My sister and I saw this one quite a while ago and decided to make a version using the colour blue – I used the cake recipe from that site, along with store-bought icing to make things a bit simpler. Since the theme was stripes and polka dots (because every party needs a theme according to my sister), we decided to go with blue and white stripes. All of my nephew’s little friends came to the party and it was so cute to see them playing with his new toys (and one even attempting to take the train set home – adorable!). Happy First Birthday to the sweetest little boy in the world – you just make everything better!

Happy Valentine’s Day! / February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! On a side note: I may or may not have an addiction to these polka-dot straws I just got from the best store online Shop Sweet Lulu (and the cutest, I might add). I couldn’t resist using the pink and red ones today along with my strawberry milk – I could say that this was special treat for Valentine’s Day, but that would be a lie – it’s my other recent addiction and makes me feel like a kid again every time I drink it! Off to go eat some chocolate, you should too ;)

Gluten-Free Snickerdoodles / February 5, 2012

I made these cookies for a recent game night with friends. They’ve long been one of my favourites and I’ve baked them many times over the past years, but this time I needed to pick another recipe to accommodate a friend who has celiac disease. I was afraid they wouldn’t taste quite as good (baking with gluten-free mixes can be tricky!), but they were a success! I used a recipe from Betty Crocker, which can be found here . We don’t seem to have Betty Crocker’s gluten-free products in Canada, so I substituted with this mix from Bob’s Red Mill. I would definitely recommend this recipe – it’s super simple and I will definitely be making these again!