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Down By The Bay… / August 23, 2012

Happy Thursday – here’s hoping your day has a little spring in its step!

Making a mess…an Eton Mess / August 12, 2012

In honour of the Olympic closing ceremonies in London tonight, I decided it would be fun to attempt a British dessert this past weekend. I’ve always been tempted to make Eton Mess — meringue, whipped cream and berries, all mushed up together, what can go wrong? And given its name, it isn’t exactly a precise dessert – perfect for a relaxed summer weekend. I chose to use Jamie Oliver’s recipe for the meringue portion and then decided to wing it on the rest. By “wing it” it was hardly something you can mess up (ha! get it? didn’t even mean to do that!), I put strawberries, raspberries, lemon juice and sugar (to taste) in a bowl, let it sit for a while to get the juices going and then mashed it up a bit. Voila! It was definitely good, while it lasted.

A Little R&R / August 3, 2012

Happy Long Weekend Canada! I’m headed to the water, and will be attempting to kayak for the first time in about 15 years. Last time I tried it was during summer camp and it didn’t end so well — let’s just say there was a rescue boat involved that needed to tow me back (not once…but twice) — so fingers crossed I’ve miraculously gotten better! Hope the weekend involves a little rest and relaxation for all of you!