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Well Hello There Fall / September 22, 2012

The first day of fall is officially here today, and I for one am excited. Not just for the change in weather but for things like these Ontario blue grapes I’ve spotted at the grocery store for the last little bit. My favourite part about them is that they taste exactly like the grape soda I used to drink as a kid. Here’s hoping this season brings a whole bunch of fun (pun intended).

A little something / September 12, 2012

Mini banana muffins, you might just be my favourite mini thing of all…

End of Summer Shindig / September 5, 2012

We decided to go all out this holiday weekend and have lobster tails for dinner on the back porch at the cottage. It wasn’t necessarily a shindig, just a family dinner, but I figure anytime there is lobster involved, the term shindig should be used. (Sidenote: a big thank you to my family for eating somewhat lukewarm lobster tails after they waited for me to take a few photos. Warm lobster tails are overrated guys, right?….right?). I know technically summer doesn’t end for a few more weeks, but I know I’m not in the minority when I say that after Labour Day it just feels like fall has begun. Not that I’m complaining, it’s my favourite of the seasons and always feels like a time of renewal. I’m just about ready for blankets, boots and hot chocolate to start…and we can’t forget pumpkin pie. This apple one was courtesy of a favourite local bakery – it was mini and just about the cutest thing ever.