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Let Them Eat Pie… Directly From the Freezer / October 26, 2012

Have you ever eaten pie straight from the freezer? Nope? Well, as of this week, I have. I am not proud of it, but must say it was fantastic. Who knew frozen pie would taste so good? And I’m talking standing-by-the-freezer-door-not-even-waiting-for-it-to-thaw-the-teensiest-bit frozen. This entire raspberry pie (or crostata if we’re being fancy, but this is coming from the girl who ate pie while standing by the freezer so, really can I be fancy?) was left over from a shoot and was calling to me until I finally caved this week. Something about the cooler temperatures and rain this week made me want comfort food, and, really, what is pie if not that?

A Time of Thanks…For Pie / October 5, 2012

All kidding aside, I’m lucky to be spending this weekend with family and am really looking forward to a bike ride or two, some apple picking, and a lot of pumpkin pie ;) Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!