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Baby It’s Cold Outside / January 25, 2013

coffee photo smallIt’s one of those tea, coffee, hot chocolate kind of days, isn’t it? It’s been a doozy of a week temperature-wise, so let’s face it all three sound good right about now! It’s so pretty looking outside as I type and seeing the snow falling slowly straight down, I just love it when it does that, but I’ll take a day like that without the frigid temperatures thank you very much. But this is Canada in January after all, so in the meantime, I saw this coconut hot chocolate recipe a few weeks ago on one of my favourite sites, A Cup of Jo, and think this might just be a good time to give it a try.

It’s The Little Things: French Mint Bars / January 15, 2013

While scrolling through holiday photos this week, I realized that I’m one of those people who seem to get a touch of the blues once the holidays are over. It has nothing to do with the weather or the fact that January tends to be kind of blah, I think I’m just wistful about wanting to keep the feeling of December alive a bit longer. But, maybe it’s so special because it is just a snippet out of each year. It’s like my sister once told me about vacation, you only appreciate it so much because it’s not the norm. It’s only vacation because it’s just that, a vacation. In any case, I thought I would kick off this week (and I guess my first post of the new year? oops! where did that time go?!) by starting a new category of posts, called It’s The Little Things. Because, when you think about it, the little things are what mean so much, and can give you a spring in your step just when you seem to need it most. I don’t have a set plan of posting one of these every week, I think it’ll just be whenever the mood strikes and I see something that makes me smile. To reminisce just a little bit more about the holidays, I chose to dedicate my first post to one of my very favourite things in the world. I’m not a big chocolate fan, nor do I really love mint, but these chocolate bars will always hold a special place for me — each Christmas my grandfather would pass them out to my entire mom’s side of the family when we got together to celebrate the holidays. It was always one of the best parts of the day — as someone who is pretty sentimental, the tradition meant a lot to me. So the year after he had passed away, it was one of the first things I thought of with a bit of sadness as the holiday approached. I will never forget when my grandmother hopped out of her chair that day, stocking full of chocolate bars, and carried on what he had started so many years earlier. That first year had seemed so empty without him, and I know she out of any of us was missing him most, but she made me so proud in that moment and also brought such a light to that day. The tradition continues even now and that chocolate bar, the tiniest of presents I receive each year, will always be my very favourite.