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Chicago! / February 25, 2013

Oh, Chicago. Love it, love it, love it. Just got back last week from a trip with my friends and it was the greatest little extended weekend away. Here’s a quick photo round-up of some of the trip.
Let’s start with the food people! There were gin and tonics (or Ginny T’s for those of us who like to make up silly names for our drinks, gotta love my friends) and a ridiculously good dinner — could have just eaten the bread alone and been a happy camper — at Osteria Via Stato.
A cupcake stop at Magnolia Bakery (no picture this time, ate it in Ryla-record speed), the obligatory Cheesecake Factory visit since no trip to the US is complete without one, deep dish pizza (and subsequent deep dish pizza induced nap) and drinks at the top of the Hancock tower…
A free afternoon symphony performance at the Cultural Centre (because we are just fancy like that), and a random quick stop to see the ceiling at Macy’s.
Of course, there’s the Bean…
And last but not least, some architectural photos that required me to freeze my fingers off to take. Once I regain feeling in them, I’ll determine whether or not it was worth it ;)
Thank you Chicago, you certainly are windy (and cold), but my my you are also so lovely. Not to mention, as are these guys…

Meet Mouse / February 7, 2013

My nephew’s second birthday is soon, and I wanted to do something a bit more personal for him. So this year I decided to make a book. I’ve used Blurb books many many times before and can’t recommend them highly enough, very easy to create the books, lots of ways to customize pages, and great paper quality. I saw an idea on Say Yes to Hoboken of a book she made for her son that included all of his favourite things and people, and knew immediately I wanted to do something along the same lines for my nephew. I think she came up with such a great idea since not only do they get a book with all of their favourites in one place they are also learning how to spell all of these words at the same time. Win-win, I tell you! It’s currently in the mail and on its way to me and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. This little guy above is included in the book of course — his name, appropriately enough, is Mouse. Or “Mauw” as my nephew says :) Also, there is pizza in there too. It’s the food he loves most in the world and a word he says over and over again (even in his sleep once, the kid loves it that much), but truth be told, I put it in the book just to hear the cute way he says it each time I read it with him.