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Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail… / March 28, 2013

Easter is just about here, and I for one am excited. I was this close to buying little bunny ears at the store for all of my family to wear, but then realized that I would likely be the only one that would actually wear them so that idea went out the window. I always loved Easter as a kid, but this was really only due to my obsession with bunnies. I wanted one soooo badly after reading a book about kids who opened up their bedroom door Easter morning, and sitting in their basket alongside the candy was a fluffy cute little bunny. I was convinced that this same thing would happen to me each Easter morning for years and years — more than I care to admit — somehow deciding to disregard the whole my-dad-is allergic-to-dogs-cats-bunnies-you-name-it-he’s-allergic-situation. I was bound and determined but it was not to be (nor was the manatee I tried to convince my parents to keep in our pool, but that’s a story for another day. I was definitely an interesting child.). So bunnies in stuffed animal form it will always be for me, or in the case of this weekend, chocolate form. I guess that’ll just have to do ;) That and the wayyyy too many mini eggs I plan on consuming. Happy Easter Weekend!!

The Luck of the Irish / March 17, 2013

rainbow photo small
Considering it’s St. Patrick’s Day, these rainbow licorice couldn’t help but hop in my shopping cart today when I spied them at the store. Turns out the flavours are blue raspberry, lemonade and watermelon, so I have a feeling they might just be making their way into the cart throughout the rest of the year. May the Luck of the Irish be with you today!

It’s The Little Things: Cinnamon Sugar Toast / March 8, 2013

IMG_5332Cinnamon, sugar, butter, bread. Do I need to say more? This is another one of my favourites from childhood, such a comfort food. I’ve realized that I think I’m in the minority though in the way I make it (toast the bread, add melted butter, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar mixture) since I’ve seen many variations where people put it under the broiler so it turns a bit crispy and the sugar caramelizes. But I’m a simple lady, so I think I’ll stick with my simple method. If it ain’t broke…