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Summer In The City / May 30, 2013

Technically we have weeks to go until it’s officially summer, but it’s a doozy today temperature wise. Best way to beat the heat? Flavoured ice cubes. Well, if I’m being honest, ice cream is actually what I consider to be the best way to beat the heat. But, for a girl who lives dangerously close to a Baskin Robbins you need to find alternatives or else by the end of summer, your pants won’t fit. I saw these berry ice cubes on Spoon Fork Bacon (love the name, love the site!) quite a while ago and have been meaning to create my own version and flavoured water popped into my head as a great option. I picked three different colours to make it pretty, thinking that they were going to looked striped. Well, turns out they actually lighten in colour in the freezer so what I ended up with was more of a ombre-type look. Either way, they are great for adding to drinks all summer long. My addiction to flavoured waters is fast becoming an obsession (I’m looking at you, Vitamin Water) and I think adding a few of these to plain water would add just a hint of flavour. After I made them I came across these ones last week with coconut milk (that Joy, she’s a genius. Everything she makes is adorable). I’m thinking the idea might work well with popsicles too! Oooh or ice cream bars…apparently in my mind it all circles back to ice cream.

It’s The Little Things: Clouds / May 15, 2013

I’ve always loved taking photos of clouds, but it really never occurred to me to do anything with them until I saw this fun idea on DesignSponge. Start going through the home tours on their site and believe me, hours will go by in the blink of an eye. It’s so inspiring to see such creative people out there with such beautiful homes. So a little while ago I decided to do something similar in my home and collected up all of the photos I had taken over the years into a few large frames to put up on the wall. It’s a lovely sight to fall asleep to at night and to wake up to in the morning. It’s also a reminder of where I’ve been (many are travel pictures, since cloud photos taken from an airplane like two of the ones above seem to be amongst my favourites), and also where I’ve come from, be it clouds in the sky at my grandparents’ cottage or photos I take while out on a walk around the neighbourhood. I try to keep things light and happy on the blog, but let’s face it, for many reasons both big and small not every day is rainbows and puppy dogs for all of us. For me though, clouds, as simple as they may seem, always bring with them a little bit of peace and joy along with their puffy pillowy fluffiness.