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Free peaches! / June 28, 2013

I’m not exactly sure why they were giving away peaches at the grocery store last weekend, but I took ’em! I also ended up with lots of leftover blackberries from a photo project this week, so put them together and you get peach and blackberry yogurt popsicles. I hesitate to give a recipe since this was so simple, so I’ll just briefly list the steps I used. After putting the blackberries in a bowl to mash up, I decided to brighten up the flavours a bit more by squeezing in some orange and peach juices. It also helped break them down a bit faster, and I just mashed them up a little bit so that some big pieces were left and then cut the peaches into bite sized pieces. Since we had vanilla yogurt on hand rather than plain, I skipped the step most popsicle recipes have of adding honey or a simple syrup of sugar and water. Having said that though, this recipe came out a bit too tart for my liking, so next time I’d go ahead and add in a little bit of honey. Then I simply layered in some yogurt, berries and peaches into the popsicle moulds, drizzled in a little bit of the blackberry, orange and peach juice mixture and froze them for a few hours. Easy peasy. FYI, I’ve decided that since this is basically just frozen fruit and yogurt on a stick it’s a perfectly acceptable summertime breakfast ;)

Grapefruits and Green Pants / June 17, 2013

IMG_5608So, this is probably the most random title for a blog post that I’ve come up with yet, but I swear there is a connection. For me, grapefruits will always make me think of Florida and visiting my grandparents. Thinking of my grandfather makes me think of him getting ready for golf and coming down the hallway wearing some form of brightly coloured pants (it was the ’80s, so, you know, when I say brightly coloured I really mean basically neon). He was so classy that man, though, he could pull them off unlike no other. I’m on a bit of a grapefruit kick lately, and I made extra-sure to have some for breakfast when I was in Florida a few months back because you just can’t beat a Florida grapefruit in my opinion. Each time without fail I am instantly transported to that bright white kitchen, watching my grandfather, always with a bounce in his step, wearing those pants. He was always so kind and took my sisters and I to a neighbour’s grapefruit tree to pick a few for breakfast. I always knew that food was tied to memories and emotions, but it wasn’t until I started writing this blog that I realized just how close the connection is.

To throw a recipe in here for good measure, I came across this drink recipe a while back on Apartment 34. It will be a travesty if I don’t make it before summer is over. Ok, I’m being dramatic, it’s such a simple recipe and more than likely will be made this weekend ;)