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Happy Thanksgiving! / October 14, 2013

Happy “why yes I’ll have another slice of pumpkin pie” day. So much to be thankful for :) Hope it’s a good one for everyone!

It’s the Little Things: Tiny Bud Edition / October 1, 2013

On the right side of this photo is Bud. Tiny Bud to be exact. (He’s referred to as Tiny Bud because there is also a Big Bud, who, let’s face it, is just a back-up Bud in case Tiny Bud goes missing.) Tiny Bud’s neck is starting to get worn out and he’s starting to get so squished — hence the Tiny part of his name — and you can see why. He is pretty much always tucked ever-so-gently underneath my nephew’s arm. He is his very favourite toy. He goes everywhere, and a few weekends ago I decided to document their little adventures together. They read stories…
play outside…
and over the summer made pancakes…
And, on the left side of the top photo is Bunny. He was mine as a child and from the looks of it, Bunny’s been through the wringer and is barely holding on. Bunny’s got some stories to tell. In pictures from our childhood, Bunny is always by my side, tucked under my arm the exact same way. He was my older sister’s and when my twin sister and I came along and I became quite attached to him, she decided to give him to me. Knowing the firm grip any two year old has on their stuffed animal, this was a big deal, I’m sure. But she’s the sweetest there is, so looking back on it, I shouldn’t be surprised. I didn’t get to witness this in person this summer, but I heard that a few weeks after his two little sisters made their arrival into the world, one day my nephew just walked over and set Tiny Bud down next to his sister while she was lying on her play mat. And then this past weekend I got to watch as he did the same thing with his other sister. It’s like life repeating itself all these years later in the best possible way.