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Monday Monday / November 25, 2013

I pretty much feel like the rest of the world does about Mondays, they just seem to come around too soon each week. Some friends kindly brought along these flowers over the weekend as a hostess gift, and they are certainly putting a spring in my step on this blah day. Hope they make you smile too & hope your week is a good one!

Martha / November 1, 2013

She’s like Madonna. No last name needed. Last weekend I headed to the Delicious Food Show for “food photography research purposes” aka “eating.” Right off the bat, please excuse the cellphone pictures, but I chose to leave the camera at home this time (um, obviously I needed my hands free to grab every cupcake in sight because that’s just what I did.) It was so much fun to go and I ended up seeing some great companies, including a lot of Toronto-area bakeries, ice cream shops, and stores that I hadn’t heard of before. Here’s a little round-up for you of the booths that I loved:

I found the perfect little spot at home for my Erin Rothstein drawing of a Hershey’s Kiss. Her booth was filled with such incredible paintings and sketches, I seriously wanted one of each. Her artwork is so creative and she couldn’t have been nicer too :)


Next, a cute little cupcake truck that made me smile each time I passed by it. Loved the colour of it!


Doughnuts on a stick, people. Enough said. I think the cart was called WaffleBar, but I can’t seem to see them listed in the exhibitors list on the Delicious Show site so I’m not positive. In any event, I repeat, doughnuts on a stick.


And last but certainly not least, there was the massive selection of British candy and chips I brought home with me from Mrs. Bridges’ British Bakery, and also loaded up on for my British brother-in-law. Chicken chips may sound disgusting, but they are delicious. Ok, well some in my family say they are disgusting. I say delicious. He loves the prawn cocktail ones which don’t exactly sound like winners to me, so there you go. I also got to try out Maltesers in the form of a chocolate bar, which was delightful.


Not pictured, but also worth noting was the blackberry lemon sorbet from Belly Ice Cream Company, a raspberry lemonade and vanilla bean popsicle from the cutest red and white polka dot cart called The Pop Stand, and cinnamon bread from Manoucher Food & Co.

The best part, I have to say though, was seeing Martha. I ended up going to the show with my mom, since we were kindly given some free tickets from my sister and her husband, and while we didn’t figure we’d still be there when she was, we ended up getting a seat to watch her cooking demonstration and q&a. I remember growing up and watching Martha on television on Sunday mornings with my mom, so it was the perfect way to spend the day together. And then, you know, we left and I rolled myself home due to the sheer volume of desserts I had just consumed.