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It’s The Little Things: Checkerboard / February 28, 2014

One December when I was about 8 years old, my family went out to a fancy Christmas lunch. We’re talking ice sculptures and indoor pool fancy. It was kind of a big deal, so obviously I went with the oh-so-fashionable combination of pouffy velvet dress and pouffy floral headband. Clearly, fashionable in the late ’80s/early ’90s = horrifying now. But I digress. I was scoping out the buffet when all of a sudden I spied the dessert table. As I stared at the cheesecake and chocolate eclairs, my grandfather passed by me and gave me a wink. He casually strolled over to the plates, grabbed one and began filling his plate with dessert, and I immediately did the same and trailed behind him back to the table. Moral of the story: my favourite Christmas to this day is the one where my grandfather and I had dessert first and no one so much as batted an eye. The sweet tooth gene in my family pretty much all started with my grandfather. There isn’t a single summer growing up where I don’t remember Chapman’s checkerboard ice cream being stocked in their freezer, so needless to say I can’t pass by it in the grocery store without smiling. It was always so fun to peel back the top of the cardboard container and see the perfect blocks of chocolate and vanilla all in a row. The other day I happened to have marshmallows, white chocolate and milk chocolate on hand and decided just for fun to make a little checkerboard of chocolate dipped marshmallows. It’s super easy (well, when you use storebought marshmallows it is – but here’s a recipe just in case you want to make your own) and I think it elevates an everyday dessert/snack into something just a little more special.IMG_0199IMG_0228IMG_0238IMG_0266

Citrus Round-up! / February 19, 2014

It’s always so odd to me when I realize that citrus is in season in the middle of winter. The happiest of fruit is at its best during the dullest of seasons for many. I happen to love winter. Let me rephrase that, I happen to love winter, usually. This year however, is a different story and I’m pretty much done with it. Having said that, maybe it’s a good thing that citrus comes into season now, just when you need a little sunshine to put some pep in your step. And if oranges and lemons don’t say sunshine and happiness, then I don’t know what does. Here’s a little citrus round-up of some of the great recipes I’ve stumbled upon lately…

Let’s start with a cocktail, shall we? This one by Love & Lemons looks delicious, and blood oranges just so happen to be my favourite of all.

Sunday juice bar? Aaaand waffles? Yes, please.

A citrus smoothie that looks as good & refreshing as I bet it tastes!

I pinned this image the other day just because it was too pretty not too. It’s so simple and fun and can’t help but make you smile.

Brussels sprouts can be tricky sometimes to get right, but these ones roasted with lemon look delicious. Sidenote: am I the only one who just realized it’s not brussel sprouts? There is an extra s in there! You learn something new every day…

And last but not least, a salad from Chatelaine magazine – so vibrant and colourful!