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Cotton Candy Round-Up! / June 27, 2014

Now that summer is officially here, that means it’s time for the ultimate summertime classic: cotton candy. (The picture above is cotton candy from a festival I went to recently. Sure, it might have been 9am, but did that stop me from getting in line with five year olds to buy it? Nope it sure didn’t). Here’s a round-up of a few cotton candy recipes, party ideas and more I’ve seen lately:

A super simple recipe for cotton candy ice cream, plus no ice cream maker required!

This whole cotton candy themed party looks like so much fun, but I especially love the homemade garland!

A Guy Fieri cotton candy drink recipe with grenadine, limoncello and more (it looks like the commenters say to use grapefruit soda or Fresca instead of pink lemonade because that’s how it was made on the show. Noted!)

Fluffpop has really interesting flavours like guava, pineapple and caramel (and great packaging too!)

One Charming Party made bunny cupcakes and cookies using cotton candy tails. Great Easter dessert idea too!

I am secretly hoping to convince my sister to dress my nieces up like cotton candy for Halloween. The paper cone on top is hilarious (though it does give me flashbacks to when I dressed up as a tube of toothpaste as a kid. The lamp shade on my head — ie the toothpaste lid — meant I had to tell people all night long that no, in fact, I was not dressed up as a lamp. Apparently the gigantic CREST letters my mother painstakingly sewed to my shirt were not worth the effort).

And on that note…hope you enjoy the links! Thanks for visiting & Happy Weekend!

A fun day for two special little ladies / June 12, 2014


I can’t believe my twin nieces recently turned 1! The time has flown by and it has been so wonderful spending the last year getting to know them. Here are a few pictures from the little celebration we had. My sister loves to throw a party, especially one with pink decorations, and she did such a great job decorating the house. I got to make their cakes, which was good considering I’ve spent the last year putting up ideas on Pinterest in anticipation of this day. Thank goodness my sister narrowed them down, because if I were up to me there would have been about 10 different cakes at the party. My nephew would have loved that though – he called earlier in the day to say he was hungry and ask when I was bringing the cake, and whether or not I would be bringing one for his stuffed animal too.

I had seen this scalloped cake a while back on Oh Happy Day and loved it immediately. The other cake got dots that I think turned out like icing Hershey Kisses, which is always A-ok in my book.


It was so simple to do the scalloped cake (though I’ve got to say, I noticed mine looks a bit more “rustic” than the original!). I also used this recipe from Martha Stewart but instead of the 3 eggs called for in the recipe I used 3/4 of a cup of unsweetened applesauce (due to an egg allergy in the family). I can seriously attest that the cake did not taste like applesauce though! I couldn’t tell the difference.

Being Aunt RyRy is just the greatest. I know the RyRy phase is going to be short and it will change over to Aunt Ryla very soon, but I’m secretly hoping it lasts forever. Playing hide and seek, and peek-a-boo, and having them spontaneously plop themselves in my lap to read a story? Well, I just love it all – almost as much as I love them.