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It’s The Little Things: Gerry’s Fries / September 23, 2014


With today being the first day of Fall, I’m not quite ready to move on to the new season without saying a little thanks to the Summer of 2014. It might not have been the best weather-wise (hello rain!!!), but it was a good one, that’s for sure. It was full of simple things like ice cream, bike rides and sunset-watching. My favourite days, though, will always be those spent by the water — there’s nothing quite as calming as being by the water, is there? One place we got the chance to visit this summer was Southampton. I grew up with summers spent on Lake Huron at my grandparents’ old log cottage, and no visit was ever complete without hopping in the car for a trip to nearby Southampton for Gerry’s Fries. We would always sit in the same spot, parking ourselves on a fallen log that sat under a huge tree, and digging our toes in the sand while eating our french fries. (My grandmother once jokingly tried to convince me that the fries tasted better dipped in sand. I was 8 and didn’t quite catch that it was a joke. We still laugh about that one — not my swiftest moment!). We went for a visit this past summer, basically because we were all in Gerry’s Fries withdrawal & in definite need of seeing this view again…


Wandering down the grassy pathway towards the water with french fries in hand sure makes me one happy lady. Judging by the long lines at Gerry’s (worth it!), I’m not alone in thinking that. So long, Summer & Hello Fall!

If You’re Going To San-Fran-Cisco… / September 8, 2014


I did in fact go to San Francisco. I did not, however, wear flowers in my hair. (If you don’t know the song lyrics that I’m referring to, please just carry on reading and ignore this random tangent.) At the end of the summer, my sister and I took a little vacation to San Francisco and I thought I would share some pictures, because it is just too beautiful of a city not to. A big thanks to the aforementioned sister (and some ridiculously fun friends who we met up with while we were there), who had to hear over and over again “let me just stop and take a picture of that house, that building, that cable car, that cupcake, that abnormally large seagull” etc. They were troopers! I posted a few photos on Instagram while I was away, but here are some more photos of the trip, if you’d like to take a look…

The architecture of the city pretty much stole my heart from the get-go — especially the inside of City Hall. People may call Disney World the happiest place on Earth but I think City Hall gives it a run for its money. It was full of happy couples and their families on hand to witness their weddings, and is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the city.


See what I mean about the buildings? I can’t even.


After a cable car ride we took a boat tour to see Alcatraz and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge up close…


Followed by a fun night out at Off The Grid with the food trucks!


A morning spent at the Ferry Building with lots of great vendors and a farmers’ market (also known as the sole reason I planned a trip to San Francisco)…


And last but not least, a beautiful sunny afternoon spent in North Beach & Nob Hill, a visit to Hayes Valley & Miette Bakery (another happy place), plus a stop to see the Painted Ladies. They might be a particularly beautiful row of Victorian houses, however, to me and many other ’80s/’90s children, they will forever be the houses shown in the opening credits of Full House. (The phrases how rude, cut it out and have mercy were on a constant loop in my head while taking these photos.) I returned home to learn that the house from Party of Five was mere blocks from a bar we visited one night. Mildly devastating news (kidding).


All in all, a few very fun days spent in a beautiful city! San Francisco, I like you.