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Fall Recipe Round-up! / October 16, 2014

It’s getting chillier by the day, so I thought it was time for a Fall recipe round-up! Enjoy the links!

Anytime I see concord grapes at the store I can’t resist scooping them up, so I’ll definitely be keeping this gorgeous tart recipe on hand (such beautiful photos to go with the recipe too)!

A kale and roasted squash salad that looks healthy & delicious!

Who else wants a slice of this brown sugar cinnamon apple skillet cake right about now?

Thanksgiving might have just passed here in Canada, but will that stop me from putting up more things like these mini pumpkin pie cookies on Pinterest? Nope, it sure won’t.

Camille Styles’ site always has great recipe round-ups – this gallery featuring homemade doughnuts is no exception!

This baked mushroom, bacon and spinach risotto would be perfect for a cozy night at home with company.

(Photo above from a trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. Couldn’t resist the green pumpkins, so they came home with me – as did some of their homemade cinnamon sugar doughnuts!)

A Morning At The Apple Orchard! / October 3, 2014


Last weekend was especially beautiful on both days, so we decided to hit the road and visit an apple orchard with my nieces and nephew one morning. It was such a great way to spend some time outdoors and so fun to watch all the other families enjoying a fall outing! Here are a few pictures, if you’d like to see…


One happily picking apples, one happily clutching an apple, and one happily playing in the grass. Take a picture people — this never happens simultaneously!


Perfect attire for apple picking? I do believe the answer to that question is silver glittery shoes.


What colour snow-cone do you get? Well, you get one to match your hat and shirt, obviously.


I have such fun memories of eating snow-cones as a kid, so to watch his eyes light up, not to mention how slowly & deliberately he walked over with it so he wouldn’t spill a single drop, was pretty fun. I got one too, but just to have him not be the only one eating one, of course. No other reason than that…

And wouldn’t you know it, there’s another fall weekend coming right up — hope you have a great one!!