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Mascarpone & Lemon Fruit Dip! / April 23, 2015


Growing up, we moved houses when I was around six, but I remember two things about our very first backyard: 1) there was a thin patch of grass beside the house that sloped downhill — ideal for Slip ‘n’ Slide waterslide parties as a kid. 2) we had a small vegetable garden with rhubarb, and my sisters and I loved to eat it fresh from the garden dipped into a little bowl of sugar. Not a healthy snack exactly considering that the ratio of rhubarb-to-sugar was more along the lines of lots of sugar to a teeny bit of rhubarb. So not surprisingly, it’s still one of my favourite memories growing up, sitting outside in the grass with the rhubarb in the early days of Summer after sliding down that yellow Slip ‘n’ Slide in my Kermit the frog bathing suit (yep, you read that right). I decided the other day to purchase rhubarb when I spotted it looking all pretty on the shelves, and thought I should see if I could come up with something a little fancier than dunking it in sugar. The dip that comes with fruit trays from the grocery store is usually a crowd pleaser, and here is my version:

Mascarpone & Lemon Fruit Dip:
1/2 cup softened mascarpone cheese
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp sugar (or honey to taste if you prefer)
lemon zest to sprinkle on top

It’s great with the rhubarb, or for any fruit, really — it’s also lovely with strawberries and pineapple. Enjoy!! (I included a picture below of the rhubarb and sugar just for old times sake. Not pictured: my Kermit bathing suit. But it was a winner I tell you, a winner.)


Easter Baking Round-Up! / April 2, 2015


This particular round-up was inspired by a specific cookie I spied on Pinterest and needed to share:

I give you, the bunny butt cookie. You’re welcome.

Camille Styles’ list of 15 brunch recipes is wonderful — I would be happy to make anything on the list but the rhubarb tart is especially beautiful!

Last Easter, my sister and I whipped up these bunny pancakes from Taste of Home for our nephew. Our bunnies didn’t really turn out quite like that (our pancake flipping skills need some work), but my nephew loves pancakes so much I don’t think he even noticed. Pancakes in bunny form to a three year old = best Aunts ever.

Easter Egg cookie dough truffles!!! I’ll take anything in cookie dough form at any time, please and thank you. These look like a cinch to make (no actual baking, just assembling), and would be great for a last-minute holiday dessert.

Vibrant and beautiful sweet potato spudnuts from the always-creative ladies of Spoon Fork Bacon.

A classic that I spotted on Averie Cooks recently, a recipe for easy yellow cake with light pink buttercream frosting. This is such a great recipe to have for Easter and to have on hand year-round!

Last but not least, it’s only right that while you bake these things you have a mimosa in hand, right? These Strawberry & Grapefruit Mimosas would definitely do the trick!

Hope you enjoy the links, and thanks again for visiting!