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Watermelon Birthday Party! / June 17, 2015


Two very special little ladies, my nieces, turned two recently and their watermelon birthday party was just too fun not to share on the blog! A few photos below, including the pinata my sister and her husband made (still can’t believe they made it!), plus the sugar cookies my sister made for the loot bags (she might disown me for putting a picture up here, due to the slightly wonky icing that didn’t turn out as she’d planned, but they were so good, so who cares?! Plus, who doesn’t want a mother who would stay up late baking and icing cookies for your party? She’s a keeper, that one). Last but not least, the girls and all their friends in their little sun hats. No explanation needed, just cuteness all around.


For the birthday cakes my sister and I ultimately decided on one cake in the shape of a watermelon and one to coordinate in pink, green and white. I used the cake from this completely adorable party as a guideline. In the second picture, note that not just one but both of my nieces are about to take a swipe of the icing. Sneaky little ladies.


Such a wonderful day celebrating these two girls — they both radiate such sunshine and happiness, those two little ladies, sunshine and happiness.