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2 More Sleeps & Holiday Links List! / December 23, 2015


This list is filled with ideas for a little reading, a little snacking and a little cocktail-making, should the mood strike you…

A few years ago I made Santa hat brownies on Christmas Eve and these Santa Strawberries look even cuter. Can’t wait to make these with my nephew this year — with all of the cookies and sweets around over the holidays, a nice light dessert idea is definitely welcome!

A reminder to take a step back during what can be a very pressure filled time for many.

Just because it’s Amsterdam and it looks especially beautiful this time of year.

FYI, I could not find the panda. My sister found it in three seconds flat.

How beautiful is this glazed beet salad?

Somewhere Inside, a Path to Empathy” (via A Cup of Jo) — well worth taking a little extra time to read.

For more reading ideas, look no further than this list.

Pop up gift wrap?! Say no more.

A festive gin & cranberry cocktail from Supergolden Bakes.

Cheers, happy holidays & thanks again so much for visiting!