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Strawberry, Cucumber & Mint Water / June 29, 2016


In the Spring, I stayed at a hotel where every day they offered a different kind of flavoured water and it completed changed my take on a typically boring beverage. Typically boring for me anyway! I know I should drink more of it. I know it’s good for me. But it’s just too plain for me to actually want to drink it regularly so it becomes a bit of a chore. Enter: flavoured water. This strawberry, cucumber and mint version is a great way to up your intake of water, plus it tastes delicious. It’s pretty too, which let’s face it, always helps ;) It’s a great beverage idea for a summer party too!



The options for this are endless — you could try apple & mint; orange, lemon & lime; lemon, orange & blueberry; strawberry & basil, or whatever you have on hand! It couldn’t be easier — in a large pitcher filled with water, add approximately 6 large diced strawberries, 2 mini chopped cucumbers and 10 mint leaves. It’s really all to taste though, so just use this as a guide. (I heard once that squishing/muddling herbs is what releases their flavour. I think this tip was from Jamie Oliver way back when. So if Jamie Oliver says it, I say do it. I simply used a wooden spoon to do so with the mint before adding it). Allow the flavours to meld together for at least an hour or so in the fridge before serving. Enjoy!